Marketing Strategy

Strategic consultancy to create or strengthen the foundations of your business.

Digital business plan

Get a custom model that allows you to have a projection of the costs and revenues of your online business.

  • shared Google sheet
  • editable variables
  • training for use
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Competitor analysis

To have a broad vision and understand where and how to place your product / service.

  • important competitor list
  • weaknesses of their services
  • strong points of their services
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Target customer

The ideal customer identikit for your services or products.

  • two buyer persona cards
  • target customer analysis
  • critical points
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Product structuring

The accurate definition of your business's core product or service.

  • product structure
  • methods of use
  • practical guidelines
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Content marketing

Structuring of the strategy for creating value content to attract the target customer.

  • definition of suitable channels
  • strategic indications
  • practical guidelines
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UX Marketing

Get the diagram of your sales funnel integrated with the site and / or with social channels.

  • website mast
  • lead / customer acquisition process scheme
  • practical guidelines
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SEO strategy

The definition of the content structure of your site and / or your social media and their optimization for positioning on search engines.

  • Competitor keyword analysis
  • Definition of main keywords
  • Strategic guidelines for content creation
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Your uniqueness

We collect and define together the elements that make your brand unique by sculpting it in the minds and hearts of customers.

  • Mission and Vision
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Elements of authority
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